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When I heard Australia was getting Botaniqa products I was keen to try this range.

I’m allergic to lots of the chemicals in dog and human products so i am always on the hunt to
Find something that doesn’t make my skin react!

Given that Botaniqa is largely natural in origin I was excited. After using these products for the last fortnight, I can safely say that I think I have finally found something I’ll be able to use! My skin didn’t react but I was astounded by how well the coats came up on my papillons.

I used the recommended products on my 6 month old puppy, my 3 year old desexed dog and my nursing mother. The change in their coats already is excellent. I bath often and my nursing mother has already got new coat growth coming through. Their hair is soft, nourished and I am already seeing a reduction in knots!

The products smell amazing without being over-powering and I have found that this lingers almost right up to their next bath.

My favourite product so far would be the Magic Touch Grooming Spray. It is conditioning but I don’t find it makes the coats of my papillons heavy or greasy.

I’ll definitely be switching to these products in full and I am keen to try the other products in the range!!!

Emily Kate